Customer Data Privacy

Direct querying data exfiltration risk mitigated

RAG systems checked for data exfil risks

Data sources checked for indirect risks

End Customer Security

Phishing risk mitigated

Attacker driven misinformation risk mitigated

National security risk content mitigated

Malware download risk mitigated

Automatic action manipulation risk mitigated

Profane content risk mitigated

LLM Application Risk Assessment

LLM Application Security Pentest conducted

LLM Application Security Monitoring

High risk LLM inputs, outputs, and actions tracked

Historical traceability of risky events maintained

Alerting system in place for suspicious events

LLM Application IP Security

Company IP exfiltration risk mitigated

Customer IP exfiltration mitigated

LLM Application Access Controls

Automated LLM actions analyzed for risk

Internal data writes analyzed for adversarial content